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Window Cleaning
Our window cleanings are the best.

We don't only clean the glass skylights but all tracks, screen and sills by hand and never use water fead poles which means we eliminate all water by irrigating dirty water with eco-friendly soap, water back into the vegetation.

We are very careful with protecting your home environment both inside and out. Whether you have 2, 3, 4 or more floors, we can clean them all. "No windows left behind"

Gutters Cleaning
When we clean your gutters, we are very experienced when walking the roof tops especially tile roofs and if we can not access them from the roof, we are just as experienced with our ladders.

We do not blow out your gutters which is a huge mess and leaves a cloud of dust and we do not hose them out which is a muddy mess and potentially clog down spouts and underground water drain pipes with slugs and debris.

What we do is sweep and scoop all dirt - leaves, slugs, and debris, out of the gutters and into the trash where it belong. Then we pour water from a bucket down each downspout to find out if any downspout are clogged. Once we find a clogged downspout we will snake it and unclog it till it flows.
Light Fixtures
We clean many types of light fixtures such as high volted ceiling lights and exterior lights. We clean them inside and out as well. We change light bulbs when bulbs are provided by the client.

Solar Panel Cleaning
We clean solar panel with a 5 gallon bucket of water, scrubbing them with soap and water, then squeegee dry them. We don't power wash or hose them down making a mess and wasting water.

Shower Enclosure
We clean the glass shower and can also remove hard water spot buildup.
The way we clean your mirrors, you will never see swirls or hazy wax buildup. As the mirror gets dirtier, you will see more blanket of dust.
Re-screening of old frames
We can put new nylon screening in your old screen frame whether big, small or sliding screen. Normally, we take care of the pre-screening during window cleaning or if scheduled,we can also order screen frames if needed.
Construction Cleanup
Our construction clean up is very detailed - walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, light fixtures, hinges, tracks, vents, showers, toilets and sinks- everything that is in the property, high and low.
Pressure Washing
When power washing we are very careful not to cause water leaks or damage or chipping a paint. Our power washing and we are very even and balanced, no highs and no lows.

We can power wash roofs, houses, walkways, bricks, concrete, stones.
We can clean skylight inside and out and also clean cobwebs around the window. And we are very careful when walking over the roofs not to crack roof tiles and we are careful not to mark your walls.